Wednesday, November 30, 2011

FINALLY, the long off-season is over and season #20 is now underway.  The Mike Squires league saw it's most turnover in recent memory as 7 new owners joined the league.  The NL has five new owners....the Sioux Falls Canaries (jrokeef12) , the Washington Whalers (b00gm0nster) , the Jackson Goodfellas (rustheman) , the Nashville Neuritic Nematodes (royfranklin) , and the Honolulu Rainbow Warriors (pimpbotlove).  While in the AL...the Tampa Bay Sunburnt Tourists (bigpop34) and Austin Stinky Peas (btkantz) are new. Let's welcome and thank these new owners for being part of our league. 

In other league news...The Cartel were moved across the country from Hartford to Boise by their owner (arthur), and the Los Angeles Legends were moved north of the border AND renamed the Vancouver Big Blue Bulldogs by their owner (asexton065).  In perhaps the BIGGEST surprise (just kidding) of the off-season...Scootermcray MOVED his franchise from Portland to San Francisco.  The Maze 'N Blue have now been in FIVE DIFFERENT cities in each of Scootermcray's FIVE years owning the team.

The blog is up, and the Mike Squires League is ready to roll for Season #20.  Let's Play Ball!