Thursday, March 29, 2012

NL WEST - Season #21 Preview

Honolulu Rainbow Warriors

After an exciting but ultimately failed NLCS appearance last season, the Honolulu Rainbow Warriors are making an all-out push to bring the World Series trophy to Waikiki Beach.*

Expensive, talented, and past your prime? Come on down! The Warriors loaded up on mid-30's graybeards, bringing in strong starters Chief Blair and Brandon Linden, and former MVP Billy Reynolds, for one last shot at glory. The controversial six-man rotation will return, and the Warriors hope that their core of Matty Lee, Herb Reed, Deivi Alomar, and clubhouse cancer Rafael Blasco can combine with a power bullpen to get past the Mexico City juggernaut.

Minor leagues? Don't worry about it. Not much to be had there beyond future No. 3 starter Derrek Jones. But only Baseball America will care about that once all of Hawaii is rejoicing at the all-night post-World Series Luau in Diamondhead Crater.

*Hawaiian native Barack Obama has promised to throw out the first pitch if the Warriors make the Series.

Scottsdale Maize 'N Blue

Key Additions - All Prospects -Benji Aguilera, Andres Macias, Adam Riggs, DJ Webster, Kurt Giambi

Key Losses - Harry Palacios, Delino Silva, Felipe Martinez

Top Prospects - Outside of the new additions, my team is being built through OF - Wiki Rivas and Jose Velez, SP- Raul Batista, James Lamb and Lou Hendrickson as well as RP Wandy Urbina and Christopher Villareal.

Outlook - Yes we moved again..We dropped massive payroll and talent by trading Palacios and Silva, but this team was still a few years away with them so they were moved for quality prospects. .Future looks extremely bright. Ace SP Niko Kirby still has several years in this franchise though the enormous offers I've been receiving for him could see him in a new uniform in Season 22.

St. Louis Wish I Had Pujols' 

Top player added this year is Hootie Stockton who was a free agency signing. Also brought up Ted Van Hekken, who is probably my best prospect and Neifi Cabrera to pair along side Sparky Lee at the top of the line-up.

For the second straight year I lost my best reliever to free agency as Aurelio Montanez left the team. My top prospects include Vin Ellsbury on triple-A and a couple of pitchers, Itou and Okajima, at the lower levels. Would like to compete this year, but realize I am probably one more pitcher and another power bat to go with Patel away from really being a factor in the division race.

Vancouver Big Blue Bulldogs