Saturday, January 12, 2013

NL WEST - Season #24 Preview

Honolulu Rainbow Warriors

After four straight division titles and four quick playoff exits, the Honolulu Rainbow Warriors needed a change. Without a battle-tested ace, the Warriors have been hard pressed to compete with the powers of the National League in a short series. Mindful of this failing, ownership mortgaged a few Honolulu skyscrapers and used the proceeds to sign the man touted as 'The Savior of Waikiki": Harry Palacios. The

Palacios leads a pitching staff that also includes new addition Joe Harris, and a strong 3-4-5 core in Lou 17-game winner Lou Hendricksen, 14-game winner Brandon Linden, and 16-game winner Bubba Pearson (beloved by all for his charming sense of humor and prediliction for clubhouse nudity). That staff put up the 7th-best ERA in the majors last season, and Palacios has vowed to improve on that showing.

Offensively, the 7 switch-hitters of Honolulu's offense all return, led by team captain Matty Lee (.341 avg in S23) and 2nd-year stud Wiki Rivas. The Rainbow Warriors finished second in the NL in runs scored despite playing in cavernous Aloha Stadium, and this year new additions Carlos Sosa and rookie Naoto Kida look to keep the pressure on opposing pitchers.

Despite the division-winner pedigree, management is said to be extremely worried about the burgeoning juggernaut in Oakland, and officials have privately stated that winning the division is not the goal this year -- simply making the playoffs, and seeing what can happen from there, will be considered success.

Oakland Maze N' Blue
Gains - TJ Hall, Buddy Williamson, Benito Marichal, Marvin Brow

Losses- Jamie Bennigson, Emmitt Collins, Carlos Sosa, Rigo Almonte

Outlook- Team is loaded with young stars headlined by the reigning NL MVP Tomas Cairo. Young SP's Raul Batista and Takashi Wanatabe lead the pitching staff. Anything short of the playoffs would be considered a major disappointment even without the veterans I traded this offseason.

Top Prospects - Benny Uribe, Julio Osoria, Louie Ibanez, Jose Velez, Hee Sop Higashioka, Einar Velez, Kurt Giambi and Tito Jodie are soon to arrive.

Obviously the future is extremely bright.

St. Louis Wish I Had Pujols


Vancouver Big Blue Bulldogs