Wednesday, October 30, 2013

NL NORTH - Season #27 Preview

Cleveland Rockers -
The Rockers enter season 27 looking for their 6th straight division title.  After winning the World Series in season 23 the Rockers haven’t been able to get past the Division Championship Series. This season again brings the expectations that anything short of a World Series title will be considered a disappointment. 

The biggest offseason acquisition was the free agent signing of CF Wilson Rolls. With the Rolls acquisition, management had to the make tough decision to trade lifetime Rocker CF Luis Osuna.  The Rockers received 3 pitchers in return for Osuna headlined by RP Miguel Matos who figure to be a fixture in the Rocker bullpen for seasons to come. 

Top prospects and players who expect to receive the call this season are SP’s Jae-Kuk Nomo, Henry Stohr, Julian Scott and Don Hogan. You may also see the arrival of Jair Acosta to the bullpen this season after his breakpoint season in AAA last year.

Montreal Bloody Sox -

Scranton Yeoman Warders -

Trenton Waves -