Wednesday, November 12, 2014

NL EAST - Season #31 Preview

Philadelphia Phillagers -

1) We're trying to contend

2) Juan Tabata, Harry Mateo, Clarence Christopher from BAL.... Tike Stokes from BOS.... Damaso Mangual from COL... Tony Colome from BAL

3) Richard Osuna, Henderson Riggs, Jin Nishioka, Jerome Hill, David Herrera, Jorge Andrus, Ricardo Sanchez, Tommie Clark via TRADE... via FA: Benito Marichal, Andres Macias

4) Danny Small

5) Tabta trade procured young, perennial MVP candidate and shed 4 years of a huge contract for good player but not worth that contract (career >340 OBP and .824 OPS... not bad but not $1$79M over 4 years good)

Boston Bulgers -

Richmond Spiders -

Washington D.C. Whalers -