Wednesday, May 20, 2015

AL NORTH - Season #33 Preview

Buffalo Wings -

Looking forward to Pep Saunders' rookie campaign... And can sophomore Leon Jenkins continue his excellent spring into the regular season???

Detroit Wolverines -

Outlook: Detroit has completely rebuilt its roster over the last couple of seasons and have 11 players that didn’t end last season with the team. After hovering a little above and below the .500 mark over the last few seasons and unable to make the playoffs, the Wolverines are looking to contend with the flurry of acquisitions they made this off-season. 4 new everyday players, 4 new Starting Pitchers, 2 new Relief Pitchers and 1 new bench player. The team added players with 94 Homers,288 RBI’s and 57 SBs with their acquisitions as well as 58 wins and over 650 innings from last season.

Players Added: Free Agent Acquisitions- C Al Matos, 1B Torey Almanza, 2B Tomas Delgado, LF Ted Van Hekken, SP Willie Harville, and RP Benjie Plata; Trade Acquisitions SP Louis Okajima, SP Otis Reese, and RP Orlando Navarre; Waiver wire pick up SP Octavio Valenzuela; Rule 5 Draft Pick 2B Lorenzo Aviles

Players Lost: To Free Agency C Gregory McGrady, SS Walt Stohr, SS Junior Kimura, SP J.D. Randall, SP Juan Duran, and RP Heinie Starr; By Trade 1B Darren McConnell, and 2B Jumbo Noesi; To Waivers RP Albert Mercado.

Best Prospect: C Reagan Ulrich

Best Off-season move: Acquiring 1B Torey Almanza in Free Agency

Milwaukee Blue Ribbons -

Scranton Sharks -