Sunday, April 1, 2012

AL EAST - Season #21 Preview

Baltimore Renegades

The Baltimore Renegades had a busy off-season.  They made two major trades in an effort to get younger and less expensive.  The Renegades are still trying to get to the World Series for the first time in the history of the franchise. They came up a little short last season as they lost to Detroit in the second round of the playoffs, but the team is still geared to win now as many of their key players are young or are already in their prime.  

The Renegades have lots of fire power offensively.  With the likes of C-Walt Harnisch, 1B- Pascual Sanchez, 2B- Ricky Atchley, 3B- Russell Collins, LF-Pablo Durazo, CF- Stuart Locke, RF-Craig Cook, and DH- Jim Morris...this team is sure to score lots of runs. 

The Starting pitching is decent, with Milt Gagne, Vasco Batista, Walt Koch, Brian Jacobs, and Alex Santiago.  It will be much stronger rotation once Vic Ordonez returns from the DL.  Ordonez has been rehabbing his shoulder since last April, when he was knocked out after only pitching 6 games for the Renegades.  His return will really give the rotation a boost and push an existing starter to the bullpen making it stronger as well. 

The bullpen has been rebuilt and is anchored by third year closer Bengie Plata.  Damian Murphy, Darrin Roth, and Scott Diaz are the set-up guys and give the team great veteran leadership. 

Top Rookie- SS-Craig Jackson (AA) 

Key Players Lost- LHP- Kevin Lawrence (trade), LHP-Victor Palmeiro (trade), RHP-Mateo Leon (trade), RHP-Alex Mangual (trade). 3B-Cory Thomas (trade), and LF-Ian Trammel (trade) .

Key Players Acquired- RHP-Brian Jacobs (trade), RHP-Alex Santiago (FA), RHP-Lon Thompson (FA), RHP- Shane Woods (FA), OF-Alex Calvo (FA) SS-Craig Jackson (trade), OF-Stuart Locke (trade), and OF-Jay Miles (FA).

Key Off-Season Transaction- Trading for SS-Craig Jackson.  I was surprised that Las Vegas finally traded him to us after all the past attempts to get him.  We feel he is a true All-Star and hopefully a HALL OF FAMER in the making .

Chicago Gusting Squal

Top players added: Don Okajima SS, Trenidad Osoria SP. 

Top Players lost: Phillip Pride RP (AAA) , Albert Mondesi SP (AAA). 

Top Prospects: Prospects? What are those? Haven't seen many of them in Chi town

Outlook: The Gusting Squall hopes to continue to contend this season by mashing the cover off the ball with a solid lineup of aging veterans. Management has worked diligently to shore up pitching staff, focusing on groundball pitchers with the hope of keeping the ball in the ballpark while on defense. Management is keenly aware this season could be the last go-around for some of the key veterans, so their sights are set on slugging their way to the pennant!

Columbus Cheese N' Rice

Columbus didn't really loose anybody big. We didn't really add anybody big. We lost David Vincente and Ivan Martin. The goal is to progress with my young team and keep building.  We need to determine who can cut it at ML level - aiming to make big splash next year

New York Surf Riders