Sunday, July 1, 2012

NL WEST - Season #22 Preview

Honolulu Rainbow Warriors

After two straight unsatisfying playoff runs, the Rainbow Warriors are hoping that strong pitching can overcome a worrisome lack of offense.

Last season's marquee trade acquisition, 22-year-old star-in-the-making Takashi Wanatabe, headlines a strong rotation featuring stopper Ismael Salinas, and free agent acquisitions Bubba Pearson and Brandon Linden.
Mandy Hines comes on board to set up after a superlative career closing, joining a powerful bullpen that hopes to shorten games in pitcher-friendly Aloha Stadium.

But Honolulu faces major question marks up and down its lineup. Deivi Alomar is aging, Brian Funaki has underperformed, and Billy Reynolds is lucky if he plays every third day. The only true elite bat is Matty Lee, and power is lacking throughout the lineup.

Scottsdale Maize 'N Blue

First... We stayed in Scottsdale !!!! No more mvoing vans for this franchise.

Key Additions = Tomas Cairo
Key Losses - Niko Kirby

Outlook - Having plenty of young quality SP prospects almost ready for The Big Leagues allowed me to move Niko to get a bonafide young offensive superstar to build my offense around which I think I achieved in acquiring Tomas Cairo.
Was very disappointed to not land either Bennigson or Wilkerson in FA, but I offered both over100m and it wasn't enough. Hope their arms fall off..

Leaves me with over 70m to either acquire talent thru trades or most likely through IFA's. and several prospects will see promotions this year so no reason to think we can't compete for a playoff spot starting this year.

Either way we have built a very solid young foundation and the future looks extremely bright..

Good luck to everyone in Season 22

St. Louis Wish I Had Pujols' 

Hoping to improve on last season as I have brought up most of my best prospects. Acquired Bobby Ray Terry and John Schmidt to try and offset the loss of Bubba Pearson. If this team is going to be any good, those two will be my best offseason acquisitions. My top rookies are VIn Ellsbury and Al Matos. Still looking for that one more big power threat to push me towards contention.

Vancouver Big Blue Bulldogs