Monday, July 2, 2012

AL WEST - Season #22 Preview

Anaheim Aardarks

Outlook: Trying to break through a streak of 6 losing seasons (though none have been horrific - around 75 wins/yr). Really sort of a stopgap year before some strong prospects are ready to be worked into the ML lineup. Will be a long-shot to contend currently but should be ready for serious contention with young talent if some additional pitching talent can be found.

C Tony Costilla (FA)
1B Virgil Stark (FA)
RF Petey Douglas (FA)
CF Jerry Watson (FA)
RP Royce Washington (FA)

1B Javier Hernandez (Trade)
C Matty Servet (FA)
SP Duke May (FA)
SP JT Scott (FA)
P James Hoyt (Rule 5)

top rookies - 
Not really any rookies currently on the roster - a bunch of 2nd or 3rd year guys, but talent at AAA could get time if the team falls out of it such as C Gio Gonzalez, RF Izzy Fox, SS Elmer Reagan, and SP Trevor King.

Best Move
Probably the low-key singing of Tony Costilla - who has started off very strong and will prove a mentor to Gonzalez when he comes up. Also picking up Howie Boyle in the Hernandez trade will help the bullpen in maybe 2 years - he should be an anchor in the pen in the future. 

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