Thursday, October 11, 2012

AL WEST - Season #23 Preview

Anaheim Aardarks

(1) Season Outlook - will rely on a mix of proven vets (Melian, Wieland, Stark) to mix with some blue-chip rookies (Fox & Gonzalez) to carry the offense. Will likely have to outscore teams as the pitching staff (especially starting) still isn't very strong with just one true good starter (Chavez). Bullpen should be decent, but not dominant anchored by Juan Duran setting up and vet Bryan Christensen closing with his 364 career saves.

(2) Players Lost -
LF Lewis Glover (FA) - type A
RF Petey Douglas (FA)
SP David White - released/declined arb
RP Royce Washington - released/declined arb

(3) Players acquired
2B Charles Kim (Rule 5) - provide backup in the infield and some speed off the bench.

(4) Top prospects
RF Izzy Fox, 22, - 13th overall pick in S19 making his ML debut. 1.055 career OPS in minors, PY AAA MVP and SS RF.
C Gio Gonzalez, 23, - former IFA making his ML debut, Silver Slugger C all 3 years in minors.
SP Trevor King, AAA, 22 - will likely be up soon. 42-20 in 92 career starts in minors.
RP Howie Boyle, AAA, 21 - struggled in spring training, but had 1.46 ERA, 0.83 WHIP and 16 saves in AA in PY. Will close at AAA to start year.
DH Hiram Calderon, AA, 22 - former DITR, .314 career hitter.
SP Benji Martin, AA, 20, IFA in PY - 4-1, 2.91 in low A after signing
RF Footsie Drabek, High A - #6 overall pick in S22. 1.029 OPS, 19HR, 72 rbi in low A (80 gms) after being drafted.

 (5) Key Moves - can't say there really is one. Went hard after some starting pitching as well as at 3B and LF and just couldn't justify paying what some of those guys ended up getting and got out. So the key move was probably not wrecking my salary cap in the future years to have flexibility.

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