Thursday, October 11, 2012

NL WEST - Season #23 Preview

Los Angelas Maze N' Blue

Lots of movement this offseason for The Maize 'N Blue

Key Additions - Jamie Bennigson, Emmett Collins, Takashi Wanatabe, Carlos Sosa

Key Losses - Jimmy Veres, Lou Hendrickson, Wiki Rivas and 14m in payroll

Numerous Top Prospects - Jose Velez, Julio Osoria, Hee Sop Higashioka, Andres Macias, Louie Ibanez, Benji Aguilera, James Lamb, Rigo Almonte, and young phenom Tomas Cairo is only 22 yrs old.

With the #12 pick in the draft and over 40m in prospect payroll we should be adding a few more young guns to the stables this season.

The ML team should be right in the hunt for the playoffs with promotions coming to bolster the roster.

The present and future is extremely bright in LA.


Honolulu Rainbow Warriors


St. Louis Wish I Had Pujols


Vancouver Big Blue Bulldogs