Thursday, December 22, 2011

AL SOUTH - Season #20 Preview

Austin Stinky Peas

Key Offense for the Peas 1B Kenny Tobin is our best offensive weapon. He has been granted a solid supporting cast, but most are flawed.  3B Marino Santana is a shell. The old man needs to much rest to be the impact he could be at this stage in his career and as a result will miss many key games or play too tired to make a he impact. His contract situation makes him almost untradeable.

Free Agent Grabs round out the outfield with Donaldo Romano, Gus Hollandsworth (S) and Giomar Almonte (R). None will win awards but are solid short term guys who can contribute right now and are very cheap. I love Rule 5 Archie Buss. He could be the future at SS, not the greatest hitter but is capable could be a solid contributor. If he gets .240 with 20 SB the team will be happy. His defense will keep him employed here for a long time even if it’s as a defensive sub.

Pitching Looking to lean on old arms Kevin Shelley and Milt Curtis to give me a strong season. Both are coming off solid campaigns and should keep Austin in games. Hoping that rookie Peter Yang can continue last season’s late success, but more realistically hoping he can keep his ERA around 4.5 The bullpen is short-staffed but has a solid closer in Shea Stankiewicz (L). Last season this was a team that finished 24 games under .500. He hopes to get this team closer to .500 maybe slightly over.

No free Agent grabs this season nor will prospect promotions be rushed to get this team to its former glory. The Peas will be on the trade block cutting old contracts and looking toward the future for the next 2 seasons.

Tampa Bay Sunburnt Tourists

I would hope to have an above .500 winning percentage, but will have to win a lot of high scoring games to get we have very weak pitching this year.

Top players are Dario Kwon, slugging 3b with speed, Vince Caruso CF and Bunny Justice 2b coming off 48 hr season. No key losses or additions as payroll is bloated due to poor signings by prior owner.

Top prospects...Marvin Winston SS AA Brad Clayton LF AA Timothy Hansen Left Handed Starter High A.

Little Rock Rockabillies


Mongomery Mud Slingers