Tuesday, December 20, 2011

NL EAST - Season #20 Preview

Richmond Spiders

Well coming off of a season where Richmond finished DEAD last in the whole league, the expectations can't be much lower. We have traded away the majority of our preexisting talent in a push to build for the future, and we don't see the future as being season 20. Richmond's GM was able to find some nice FA's available to piece together what should be a decent team this year.

C/DH Norman Burkhart was the only significant offseason loss to the Richmond Spiders. Norman did not care to stay around during the rebuilding process and was looking to cash in on his last big pay day before retirement. Last season was a large purge for the Spiders. We shipped out some quality talent to other big league teams in hopes of building up our minors with some prospects who will be able to make a difference in 2-3 years.

Hideki Yoshii SP2, Todd Baxter RF, and Pasqual Prieto SS, were salary casualties as the Richmond front office just wanted to get out from under those overpriced contracts. It was a sad day in Richmond when 2B Lou Guthrie was moved. Lou was a fan favorite, having been a Spider since he was drafted 3rd overall in Season 14. The management realized now was not their time to win and acquired Ted Sheehan.

A top tier closer to hopefully put this team over the top in 2-3 years when they are ready to compete. Richmond also acquired 2 other decent pieces in this deal, Paulie Byrne who has the ability to contribute as a PH against lefties, and as a def replacement who posesses extremely good range. Earl Sinclair was in this deal as the third piece and he has the potential to contribute as a back end starter in an ML rotation. 

Overall the Spider's goal last season was to shed salary and build for Season 22. We feel we have accomplished this goal, and look to have a better year this year on the path to a Season 22 playoff spot.

Rochester Rodents Of Unusual Size

The ROUS anticipate a better regular season than last years wild card effort. Staying away from another slow start is the key, as it was an uphill battle to get to post season (allthough we did make the WS). Hopefully another year for my very young core will stabilize that streakiness & develop some consistency. (Our entire Offense is under $400k/player)

Obviously we are centered on Rochesters version of the big 3 in Estrada, Nieves & Chavez in the rotation & pretty much Emitt Collins on offense. Key offseason transaction was signing Midre Lopez to a long term deal, solidifying the closer role for another 4 yrs. Looking for bigger contributions from last years rookies Truman & Brito up the middle.

Top prospects are primarily in the pen. Last 2 years #1 picks Frank Maurer & Kurt Giambi & IFA 3b Andres Macias.

We want revenge on Salem!

Boston Red Sox


Washington D.C. Whalers