Friday, July 19, 2013

NL EAST - Season #26 Preview

Pittsburgh Samsters -
The Pittsburgh Samsters are starting a slight rebuild as the team has a few quality veterans, but not a strong enough high-end talent or a deep enough farm system (only one prospect I’d consider elite) to make a serious run at the title. This season will be focused on acquiring young talent via the draft (four picks in the first and sandwich rounds) and the International free agent market. I’m also still looking to trade some of my veterans, but still have not found the right partners yet, but am hoping to swing some deals at the deadline.

My biggest loss during the off-season was catcher Walt Harnish, who I decided to let walk for the draft picks instead of trying to resign. All of my free agent signings were aimed at brining in older players on short-term deals to fill holes in order to keep the team competitive in the near term while keeping financial flexibility in the future. There are really no rookies of note, although I did take several players in the Rule 5 draft looking for some young and cheap tale.

Richmond Spiders -

Rochester Rodents Of Unusual Size -

Washington D.C. Whalers -