Friday, July 19, 2013

NL SOUTH - Season #26 Preview

El Paso Banditos -
No significant offseason moves since mangement missed the early FA signing period while pimping in Vegas. Did grab vet Tony Torres for some much needed help at SS. Douglas White was promoted to start at 1B. IFA youngster, Manuel Familia will have a full season to stabilize the bullpen. Last season's big FA signing, TJ Hall, is hopeful to rebound from a disappointing injury-filled year.

This season's objective is to finish above .500 with the possibility of challenging for a wild card birth if the offense can find some consistency. However, El Paso is excited about the future with the continued development of a plethora of former high 1st-round picks. Playoffs or bust in season #27!

Expect to see stud prospects Ozzie Calderon, Pablo Tavarez, Antonio Choi, and Richard Tatum promoted to the show by mid-season. Others like D'Angelo Osoria, Wladmir Eovaldi, Gerald Cho, and Albie Fernandez are on-track to contribute next season.

Jackson Jayhawks -
The Jackson Jayhawks have brought back Bingo Harris for his fifth year as the major league squad's BC. After a significant improvement in season twenty-four the last campaign was a real disappointment.

Gregory Shelley has progressed through the minors and now gets to start on the Bigs at SS.

Ryan Lary (25) has been acquired from New York where he disappointed at the top level. He has much potential to hit the long-ball and hopefully the friendly confines of the Jackson stadium will see him bring home many much needed runs.

Rob Steenstra, veteran 2B, will need to find his hitting skills to rekindle his 150+/season of past years.

Opening day pitcher will be newly acquired D'Angelo Cruz, a 16-year veteran who most recently plied his trade in Vancouver.

The rest of the bullpen has good potential and whilst they may keep opponents scoring in check they will need the Jayhawks to get runs on the board if the wins are to exceed the losses.

A breakeven season would be seen as an achievement. Looking to get at least two of the minors into their playoff brackets after a very poor set of performances in S25.

With spring training now concluded everybody is at par: 0-0 so, come on you Jackson fans, get out and cheer Bingo's men on to success!

Mexico City Hombres Azul -
The Hombres Azul roster is currently the second oldest in Squires, whilst management have designs on getting younger, they are also hoping to visit the post season once again.

Two-time MVP Esteban Montero left via free agency, and Mexico City failed to replace him with a marquee signing, instead inking CF Rico Paniagua and LF Jose Lee to front-loaded contracts which will give the franchise payroll flexibility in future seasons.

The Hombres Azul have pulled the trigger on one trade, sending catching prospect Jayson Sadler to the Rockers for RPs Corey Milton & Hal Alexander. The biggest move of the winter however, was signing right-fielder and lead-off hitter Ronnie Romero to a 3 year deal.

The star man in Mexico is 2B/3B Benito Espinoza, although 1B Delino Manzanillo is a long-time club favourite. The intrigue around the club is whether SP Philip Davis can bounce back from the labrum tear he suffered last year, there are concerns he’s lost quite a bit off his fastball.

Catcher Homer Miller will make his big league debut soon, proving that diamonds in the rough are not a complete waste of time.

Kansas City Googly Mooglies -