Friday, July 19, 2013

NL NORTH - Season #26 Preview

Cleveland Rockers -
Cleveland fans are pumped for what should be another exciting season. The Rockers are going for their 5th consecutive division championship and management feels they have what it takes to get back to the World Series. 2B Delino Silva, SS Aubrey Morton and CF Luis Osuns lead the offense while the pitching staff relies of solid starting pitching and a shutdown bullpen led by Raul Martin, Pepe Flore and Graeme Wilkerson.

The top prospects knocking at the door are led by a couple of starting pitchers Louie Okajima and Jason Coy who are just an injury or trade away from getting the call. C/DH Tom LaRoche's bat is ready for the bigs but is probably more suited for an AL team and 3B Reggie Cooper is also patiently waiting for his opportunity. Slick fielding SS and career Rocker Tony Torres will be missed as he was lost in free agncy.

One trade was made as their was a little logjam in the bullpen. Corey Milton and Hal Alexander were moved to Mexico City for a C prospect.  

Scranton Yeoman Warders -
I named the team after the retired military men who guard the Tower of London.
My main goal is to get this team to respectability. After a 50 win season, there is no where to go but up. My plan is to win 62-68 games this year and increase every year until this team is a contender, hopefully within 3-4 seasons.  Because both offensively and pitching were poor last year, my main concerns were easy.

FA Signings- P Willie Estrada
P Willie Cerda

Hopefully they won't give ME the willies...
A couple of cheap bats to help and work from there, maybe with a trade or two, IFA signings and draft picks, (3 in the top 36).

A good Rookie prospect I believe will be SS Banjo Wiltse (don't laugh) who went .328, 26 and 77 in AAA ball last year. Another Rookie is P Abraham BIrd, who last year had a 2.87 ERA in 106 innings in AAA.

Lost closer Dennis Reuter in Free agency and will have to be ahead a lot to make that loss hurt.

The best acquisition in the off season was definitely the pitching because of the lack of quality last year and we all know how important that is.

Look forward to the competition and hopefully we won't be out of it until the 100th game!

Montreal Bloody Sox -

Trenton Waves -